Meet our Newest Indicators!

With support from the Victorian Higher Education Investment Funding the Australian Urban Observatory (AUO) is excited to launch a new national resource of 24 new Specialist Housing Indicators that address critical housing issues across LGAs, suburbs and neighbourhoods of Australian cities.

The Specialist Housing Indicators have been developed to support our users with:

– directly addressing the current and critical housing issues of relevance to public policy and decision-making across Australia,

– piloting and demonstrating the value of small area spatial analysis, measurement and mapping of critical housing issues to help inform service planning, advocacy and policy intervention and

– Identifying areas of inequity with new specialist housing indicators available at the smallest level of geography available, dependent on data access and availability.

New specialist housing indicators include: housing precarity and gentrification, homelessness service access, VAMPIRE (Vulnerability Assessment for Mortgage, Petroleum, Inflation Risks and Expenditure, Key Workers, housing ownership and costs, social and public housing, and affordable rentals. Full details about all of the indicators and how they have been calculated can be found here.

How to Access the Indicators

The AUO maps 70+ indicators of liveability across Australia’s 21 largest cities. We map to three three levels of detail: Local Government Areas, Suburbs and Neighbourhoods for two time periods, 2018 and 2021. Understanding liveability indicators at this granular level enables partners to see where the inequities are in their community and supports planning and policymaking for community health and wellbeing.

All new Specialist Housing Indicators are FREE to access in the AUO. Indicators for our overall Liveability and Social Infrastructure domains are also available for FREE to all levels of detail.

Suburb and Neighbourhood levels of details for all other domains: Walkability, Transport, Food, Alcohol, Public Open Space, Employment and Housing are available via a paid partnership with the Australian Urban Observatory.

To learn more about liveability of Australian cities and a paid partnership with the Australian Urban Observatory, contact us here.